Minimalist Artworks Sale at Christie’s Uncovers Art Tradition

Donald Judd, Untitled, wood block blue 1991. Estimate: $ 20,000-30,000. Image courtesy of Christie’s Images Ltd.

Donald Judd’s Untitled, one of the artworks by minimalist artists to go on auction at Christie’s. Estimate: $ 20,000-30,000. Image: Christie’s.


Artwork by famous minimalist artists expected to make auction record at Christie’s, New York


NEW YORK, NY – Over 160 works by minimalist artists will go on sale at Christie’s New York on July 25th during the Forms in Color art sale. The sale will include sculptures, paintings, drawings and editions on paper, by over sixty leading minimalist artists, including Donald Judd, Richard Serra, Sol Lewitt, and Yayoi Kusama among others.

The collection of artwork for sale shows the experimental and restless nature of the minimalist artists, who explored a variety of media to create artworks that have come to shape art history.  One of the major highlights of this art auction is a selection of complete sets of prints by Ellsworth Kelly, Richard Serra, Donald Judd, Sol Lewitt, Frank Stella, and Robert Mangold. Often not seen on the market as complete sets, this sale offers a rare collecting opportunity for these artists. Also featured in the sale are exceptional stand-alone prints such as Kelly’s Red Curve (estimate:  $3,000-5,000).

Also included in the sale are both original and editioned works by Yayoi Kusama, Sol Lewitt, and Donald Judd.  Lewitt’s #8 (estimate: $60,000-80,000), Kusama’s Untitled (estimate:  $18,000-25,000), and Judd’s aluminum multiple Untitled (estimate: $50,000-70,000) furthers the minimalist convention of this sale. Forms in Color includes not only the works of minimalist masters and their surrounding circle, but also contemporary artists who are continuing this aesthetic and intellectual tradition such as Xylor Jane, Marcia Hafif, Stephen Row, Nigel Hall, Ken Price, and David Ellis.

There is something for everyone in this art sale. With estimates ranging from $400 to $100,000, this sale has works for the seasoned and new collector alike. There is great expectation that this art sale of minimalism art and post minimalism art will advance  even greater interest  in art collecting  amongst new art collectors


“Half or more of the best new work in the last few years has been neither painting nor sculpture. Usually it has been related closely or distantly, to one or the other. The work is diverse, and much in it that is not in painting and sculpture is also diverse. But there are some things that occur nearly in common.” Donald Judd, Specific Objects, Arts Yearbook 8, 1965.