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Bonsai Trees: Ancient Chinese Art Are Remarkable Sculptures

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Bonsai Trees: Ancient Chinese Art Are Remarkable Sculptures

Bonsai: Sageretia Theezans, Early 20th Century, 78.7 x 137.2 cm (with rock). Image courtesy of Sotheby’s


Bonsai Trees Become Living Sculptures at Sotheby’s Hong Kong Show

HONG KONG— When art collides with nature, the result is magnificent. That magnificence is on display in a selling exhibition of bonsai trees organized by Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery. Titled Living Sculptures: The Art of Bonsai, the exhibition features 16 trees dating from the late 18th century to 2000. The collection represents the ancient Chinese art of penjing, which literally translates to “tray landscape”. With fascinating sculptural features, each tree reflects the aesthetic vision and skill of an artist combined with the will of nature. Rather than domination of one over the other, the beauty of bonsai lies in the harmonious fusion of man and nature.

Kevin Ching, Chief Executive Officer of Sotheby’s Asia said:

I am delighted to present our bonsai selling exhibition, which is a celebration of an art form that has been integral to the Chinese literati lifestyle for centuries. Chinese bonsai are captivating and intriguing, embodying at the same time both contrasts and symbiosis between nature and man. This exhibition will be a first in Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery space, which is at the forefront of bringing new and exciting exhibitions and events to art lovers, as well as our most valued clients.

Angelika Li, Gallery Director, Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery, said:

Since its inception in 2012, Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery has been devoted to providing a platform for creative thinking and ideas through a diverse art programme including curated exhibitions, panel discussions, live performances and educational projects for audiences in the region. We hope that this exhibition will offer contemporary perspectives on the appreciation of the beauty and tradition of bonsai and inspire viewers to contemplate and redefine the spiritual relationship between human and nature.

Image- Bonsai tree for sale at Sotherby's. It is titled Ilex cornuta (Chinese Holly) and planted circa 1990

Ilex cornuta (Chinese Holly) circa 1990 19.7 x 24.1 cm. 7 ¾ x 9 ½ in. Image courtesy of Sotheby’s