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Baltimore Celebrates Fathers with Creative Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Baltimore Celebrates Fathers with Creative Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This stainless steel cuff links is the perfect gift that will make dad noticeable at board meetings and every special occasion.  Subtle and stylish, “DAD” is etched discreetly onto the beveled squares, a design that works perfectly to make dad standout at important events. The links are polished to a high luster. $49. 99, Photo:


BALTIMORE, MD —There is great excitement in Baltimore about this Sunday’s Father’s Day celebration.   Father’s Day 2014 is bound to be one of the most memorable celebrations in charm city this year. Across the city and county, restaurants and eateries are offering discounts to fathers on their special day. Gift stores also have opportunities for people to buy affordable presents for their fathers. For those who love cruises, there are Father’s Day cruises offered by Spirit cruises.   Wherever you turn in Baltimore, Maryland, there are Father’s Day special and deals.

Father’s Day celebration is important not just because of the financial contributions fathers make to their families, but also because of the support they provide in bringing up children. While gender roles are gradually changing, the role of the father remains pivotal in the strengthening of the family.

The important role fathers play in the family is well articulated in President Barack Obama’s Father’s Day message to African American fathers. In his father’s day speech delivered in Chicago, President  Obama urged black fathers  to be more involved and engaged  in the raising of their children. His message is apt in an era when many fathers have become derelict in the performance of their fatherly duties.

President Obama’s Father’s Day message shows why fatherhood is important, and why it is imperative to celebrate fathers who have been steadfast and devoted to the upbringing of their children.

Since inception, Father’s Day in the United States is an opportunity to celebrate fathers, who have committed themselves to fatherhood. Americans have developed many ways to celebrate Father’s Day, and also show appreciation for their fathers. While many have written Father’s Day poems, eulogizing fathers, several others have composed Father’s Day songs to celebrate fathers around the world. Some of the well-known Father’s Day songs include Luther Vandross, Dance With My Father,Beyonce, Daddy, Miley & Billy Ray Cyrus, I Learned From You, and Tori Amos, Winter, amongst many others.

In Hollywood, Father’s Day movies have also been produced to celebrate and show the importance of fatherhood. Some important examples include The Pursuit of Happyness,Mrs. Doubtfire, Taken, Father of the Bride, Mr. Mom,and Parenthood.

While aforementioned ways of celebrating Father’s Day have a strong hold on this tradition,   Father’s Days gifts are must imperative to commemorate fathers on their extraordinary day.  While Father’s Day massages have become one of the top Father’s Day gifts, there are many others.  These are some father’s day gift ideas that will make many fathers happy:

Chillsner: For Dads Who Love Cold Beer

Image: Chillsner is s great Father’s Day gift that will keep beer cold all the way.

For dads who are outgoing and love to drink, Chillsner is a perfect gift. Designed like an icicle, Chillsner main objective is to keep beer cool to the last drop. It can easily into a bottle’s neck, keeping the drink cool for maximum enjoyment.
$19. 99,
Photo: Amazon

Basis Carbon Steel Health Tracker

Image: Basis Carbon Steel HealthTracker  is one of  best tools to measure heart rate, motion sleep patterns, and many other  bodily functions  and daily activities

This amazing new technology is great for fathers who want to keep track of their health. Unlike many other technologies like it, the Basis Carbon Steel Health Tracker combines a more advanced technology, including sensors that help capture heart rate, motion sleep patterns, perspiration level, skin temperature and many other daily activities and trends. Beyond that however, the band also has the capacity to analyze all these activities and make suggestion about how to optimize dad’s daily activities.
$ 199.00,
Photo: MyBasis

Father’s Day Survival Kit

Image: Anthony Father's Day Survival Kit, including glycolic facial cleanser, shave cream, facial moisturizer and instant fix oil control will keep Fathers fresh beyond  the Father’s Day Celebration

Do you want dad to be fresh at all times? Then, a great gift is Anthony Father’s Day Survival Kit. This collection includes glycolic facial cleanser, shave cream, facial moisturizer and instant fix oil control. Anthony Father’s Day Survival Kit is a gift of great skin they will essentially keep dads fresh and ready.
Photo: Anthony