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Photography Project Gives Poor South African Students Hope

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Photography Project Gives Poor South African Students Hope

Photograph by Jerry Obakeng Gaegane, the recipient of the Edward Ruiz Mentorship award for 2012/2013. Jerry recently exhibited a series of photographs on illegal mining in the Johannesburg area. Image courtesy of Kliptown Photography Project

ART NEWS: Kliptown Photography Project helps poor South Africa students foster creativity and connection

SOUTH AFRICA— On Friday, Kliptown Photography Project will hold a fundraiser at Independent Brewing Company in Squirrel Hill in South Africa. The Kliptown Photography Project is dedicated to creating opportunities for the high school students of Kliptown, South Africa, one of the oldest informal settlements in Soweto. The students in Kliptown live with up to four generations of their families in one or two room shacks without electricity, running water or public services.

The funding raising will enable students in Kliptown learn about photography and photojournalism. “We will be working with several young, dynamic South African photographers to teach the students photography and photojournalism this July. We will provide the digital equipment which would otherwise be unavailable to them, and teach them how to publish their photos to blogs and websites” explained Linda Dukess one of the directors of the Kliptown Photography Project.

Photography, Dukess notes, is a way to fostering creativity among the young people living in Kliptown.  “We believe that learning photography is a way to foster creativity and connection. We want them to be able to show us the world through their eyes, and to gain skills and confidence through the process.”

Photographs taken by students and their teachers during the project will be exhibited in South Africa and Pittsburgh. Proceeds from the exhibitions and sale of photographs will go to the Kliptown Youth Program to further their educational and arts programs in the community. Donations can be made to support  Kliptown Photography Project through  its  IndieGoGo Campaign.

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