Famous Street Photographer Captures Life on ‘The Streets of Shanghai’

Ron Gessel The Street ‘The Streets of Shanghai’2. Photo: Ron Gessel

Ron Gessel, Boots, The Streets of Shanghai 2.Street photographer. Photo: Ron Gessel

ART PROJECT: Ron Gessel, street photographer documents people drinking, smoking and eating noodles on the streets of Shanghai


Ron Gessel, The Street Trader, ‘The Streets of Shanghai’1. Photo: Ron Gessel

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS—Traveling is one of the best ways to learn about other cultures and peoples. But for those who cannot afford traveling, photography provides some insight into the experiences of how people of other cultures live. Ron Gessel, a freelance art director, and photographer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, is one those very few outstanding street photographers, who have adequately documented the lives of people they come across. Gessel’s photography career has taken him to many places across the globe, including Malaysia, China, Japan, and the United States of America.

Considered a famous street photographer, Gessel has been traveling the world for several years engaged in street photography. “I am a street photographer in heart and soul,” he says. In many of the cities that he has visited, Gessel has produced some amazing street photography. From New York to Japan, Beijing, Shanghai, Penang, and Kuala Lumpur, Gessel photography projects have included capturing street lives and everyday activities of the people he encountered.

Recently, Gessel was in Shanghai, where he produced some amazing street photography. Many of the photographs capture everyday people as they eat noodles, drink and engage everyday activities. “My photos are not staged because I want to show real life,” he notes as he explains his street photography techniques. Some of the Shanghai images reveal the dress culture of the inhabitants. In one of the images, an old man pulls his pant chest high while another, cigarette in mouth, examines a small book. Although many of the images were not staged realities, they are carefully structured to accentuate design elements.

Gessel street photography techniques explore dynamic positioning and an eye for details. For many young photographers, there are so many street photography tips to learn from just looking at Gessel’s photographs. There is great attention to colors, mood, environment, and dramatic expressions.

Gessel studied graphic design in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He was an art director for several years, working with major advertising industries.  Presently a freelance art director/photographer, he has been traveling the world practicing as a street photographer.  You can see more of his works on Behance.

Ron Gessel, Man pulling up his pant, ‘The Streets of Shanghai’. Photo: Ron Gessel


Ron Gessel, Woman Eating Noodles, ‘The Streets of Shanghai’. Photo: Ron Gessel


Ron Gessel, Man Eating, ‘The Streets of Shanghai’. Photo: Ron Gessel

Ron Gessel, Man Smoking, ‘The Streets of Shanghai’. Photo: Ron Gessel