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Alexandra Khitrova Gains Prominence in Her New Career

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Alexandra Khitrova Gains Prominence in Her New Career

Alexandra Khitrova, Two Lights in the dark 2014. Image courtesy of the artist

DIGITAL ART:  Stunning fantasy concept art puts designer Alexandra Khitrova in the limelight.


Image- It borrows from Australian myth about the origine of animals. In the digital art are several Kangaroos with two giant white ones behind them. Alexandra Khitrova , Kangaroo 2014.

Alexandra Khitrova , Kangaroo 2014. Image courtesy of the artist

RUSSIA— When Alexandra Khitrova, a Russian motion graphic artist, began creating illustrations and fantasy art that explore science and myth about a year ago, little did she know she was on the path to stardom. Just a year after, Khitrova, is generating a lot of interest online and gaining attention from publishers and movie producers across the globe. Although an artist who finds great interesting in painting, Khitrova recent incursion into illustration was engendered by the creative impulse to explore the digital tools she acquired over the years. The artworks that have emerged from Khitrova’screative venture into digital art have become major points of attention amongst artists, illustrator, and designers.

Many of Khitrova’s artworks were influenced by myths imbued with spiritual sensibilities. One of the works titled Kangaroo borrows from the Australian myth that says the land was inhabited by huge creatures, from which came all other animals. In her digital art rendition of this myth, Khitrova combines the past with the present. Behind a troop of Kangaroos galloping through a desert are two huge white Kangaroos. While these two white kangaroos give credence to this myth that many Australians hold as true, they also appear as guardian spirits watching over the mob of kangaroos and the land.

The Rainbow Serpent also pays homage to an Australian myth, which references the circle of seasons and the importance of water to human existence. Although the Rainbow Serpent is a common symbol in Aboriginal art, Khitrova illustrations bring to bear the relation between the Rainbow Serpent and human survival. In Khitrova artwork, the Rainbow Serpent acts as the vector for rain, necessary for growth and regeneration. Khitrov’s recent art projects feature humans, animals, and mythical creatures. You can see more on DeviantArt.

Image: Sweet Dreams by GaudiBuendia captures an owl protecting a house. It borrows from myth and sacred art

Alexandra Khitrova, Sweet Dreams by GaudiBuendia. Image courtesy of the artist

Image-Red Mermaids by gaudibuendia reveals some underwater creatures that have been part of the spiritual art in many cultures and traditions

Alexandra Khitrova, Red Mermaids by Gaudibuendia. Image courtesy of the artist

Image- Sky Snake by_gaudibuendia emerges from a pregnant dark green sky. It shows the artist's amazing ability to combine animals and nature to achieve stunning fantasy concept art

Alexandra Khitrova, Sky Snake by Gaudibuendia. Image courtesy of the artist

Image- Alexandra Khitrova , Whales by gaudibuendia has two blue whales and a mermaid swimming along the in the deep sea. Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Alexandra Khitrova , Whales by Gaudibuendia. Image courtesy of the artist

Image: Alexandra Khitrova, Volcano dragon by Gaudibuendia is the illustration of a dragon emerging from a white turbulent spewing volcano aches.

Alexandra Khitrova, Volcano Dragon by Gaudibuendia. Image courtesy of the artist