Paper Sculpture Projects by Peter Gentenaar Give Paper Art New Meaning

Peter Gentenaar, Red plume in Saint Riquier Abbey France, 130 x 140 cm, 2009. Image courtesy of the artist

Peter Gentenaar, Red Plume in Saint Riquier Abbey France, 130 x 140 cm, 2009 is a fascinating paper sculpture. Image courtesy of the artist

ART PROJECT/ Paper Sculpture

Paper Sculpture projects by Peter Gentenaar is a good reason to look up

Peter Gentenaar, Abbey of St.Riquier, Somme, France, Paper sculpture Art. Image courtesy of the artist

NETHERLAND – After years of working as a printmaker and engraver, Netherland-based artist Peter Gentenaar, began to search for new ways to express his creative instincts. The result is a collection of bellowing paper sculptures that has continued to captivate art lovers across the globe. Gentenaar’s paper sculptures are the result of his dissatisfaction with commercial papers, and the quest for a better type of paper for executing his prints. “My interest in paper started while working as a printmaker, when my engravings had such deep relief, that commercial paper could not fill it,” he explained. The pursuit of a better paper led to the creation of his own beater that produced long-fiber paper pulp, the material he now uses for his sculptures.

Gentenaar’s colorful delicate paper sculptures made from handmade paper reinforced with ribs of bamboo are organic in nature. While some look like amoeba, others look like jelly fish or some underwater organisms elegantly cascading through deep oceans. Gentenaar’s paper sculpture techniques involve a long process that begins soon after the pulps are created. “My sculptures start as totally 2-dimensional, coloured sheets of pulp laying on my vacuum table,” he explained.  The pulps are then transformed into wonderful artworks rich in colour, texture and the forms.

Gentenaar’s paper art projects have been featured in many exhibitions, the most recent which is at the main restaurant at Hotel Indigo St. Petersburg. While some of the paper art sculptures are installed like traditional sculptures on pedestals, others are installed and suspended from the ceiling in vast spaces, including churches, galleries, and museums. At the Hotel Indigo St. Petersburg, Gentenaar’s large-scale paper pieces suspended from the ceiling drew a lot of art lovers, who were captivated by the surreal yet captivating environment dominated by colorful abstract forms. While paper sculpting is becoming popular amongst young artists, it is not surprising why Gentenaar is considered one of the best paper sculpture artists in the world today. His artworks are unique and outstanding. Here are just a few examples of his artworks. You can see more at his artworks see more of his work on his website.

Peter Gentenaar’s Paper Sculpture Projects on Display

Peter Gentenaar- Voor het Feest-Abbey of St.Riquier, Somme, France-paper sculpture. Image courtesy of the artist

Peter Gentenaar, Double Heart, 140 x 160 cm, Abbaye de Saint Riquier, France, 2009 paper sculpture. Image courtesy of the artist

Peter Gentenaar, Grote knoop 160 x 180 cm, Abbaye de Saint Riquier, France. Image courtesy of the artist

Peter Gentenaar , Hoorn van overvloed, 189 x 120 doorsnee Abbaye de Saint Riquier, Fr. Image courtesy of the artist